Below are a list of frequently asked questions, please read through them before emailing or calling to ask a specific question.

Q. Are transfers to and from the airport FREE?
A. Yes.

Q. Are transfers available from anywhere else i.e. the train station etc?
A. No.

Q. Do you offer the transfers 24/7?
A. Yes, however we prefer not to start the transfers before 04:00 for your transfer ‘to’ the airport, as this is unnecessary. Collections ‘from’ the airport can be anytime 24/7 as you are not in control of delays etc.

Q. Do you offer car parking?
A. Yes. We offer car parking whilst you are in residence only.

Q. Is there a charge for car parking?
A. Parking  is free whilst you are in residence.

Q. Is the parking secure?
A. Yes , Apple Tree House is manned 24/7.

Q. Are cars moved off-site?
A. No

Q. Are cars left at owners risk?
A. Yes, as they are at any car park in the country, including the airports own on-site car parks, please see our parking policy for full details.

Q. Is there a restaurant at the guest house?
A. No, there are several pub within a mile or so.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. All rooms are booked on a non-refundable basis , for full details please see the cancellation policy

Q. How do the transfers work?
A. If you are flying into the airport or arriving by bus/car at the airport, just give us a call when you are completely ready for collection and we will come straight out to collect  you. If you are parking with us, then we we will take you over to the airport when you arrive.

Q. Where will we meet your driver at the airport?
A. We will meet you in the Express drop off car park ( by the red cola vending machine ) this is located left as you leave the terminal and is sign marked.

Q. How early can i arrive?
A. From 17.30 , no arrivals before this time please.

Q. How late can i arrive?
A. 23.00 is our latest checkin . If later than 23.00 please let us know so we can arrange staff.

Q. What is your check out time?
A. 11.00

Q. Do you offer a cooked breakfast or cereals?
A. No, 95% of guests are leaving at a time where breakfast wouldn’t be offered, however there are several options when you get over to the airport.

Q. Is there a fridge in the room?
A. No, guests complained about the noise from the fridges, so we took them away.

Q. Are travel cots available?
A. Yes, please ask at the time of booking, or mention it in the comments box if booking online.

Q. Are there child seats in the minibus?
A. No, you are more than welcome to provide and fit your own if you prefer.

Q. What if my flights are delayed?
A. Please let us know if possible, however if we know your flight number ,we can check online and keep an eye on it.

Q. Are there any take-aways that deliver to the guest house.
A. Yes , there is one but there is a delivery charge.

Q. Are there any pubs in the area to get something to eat.
A. Yes, there is one within walking distance and there are several within a mile or so, most are family friendly.