T & C’s

Hotel Policy

Cancellation / Modification Policy
All reservations are non refundable
Customers are advsied not to book on a provisional basis, and to have the relevant travel insurance in place in case of a change of circumstance that will result in them not being able to stay.
When reserving a room, we reserve the right to pre-authorise your credit or debit card for the full amount of your stay. This applies to  large bookings over £120.
Should you need to amend your dates, this is allowed up to 14 days prior to arrival, subject to availability of the room type and rate reserved. Apple Tree House will advise you if a date change is possible but at a higher rate. Non availability of your preferred change of dates will not lead to a refund of payment made.
In the event that your card proves to be invalid or is declined, Apple Tree House will contact you to seek alternative card details. In the event that we are unable to contact you for any reason, Apple Tree House reserves the right to release the room if it is unable to charge for your stay.
Credit Card / Debit

Payment is by cash on the day unless we have taken payment prior to your arrival date.. A credit/debit card is needed to reserve the room in case of a no-show. In any event where payment is taken by credit/debit card a 4% surcharge may be added.
Damages, Breakages and Antisocial Behaviour
Respect, Courtesy and Dignity are the standards by which patrons will be dealt with whilst at our guest house. Unfortunately there are a few who do not treat our staff or property in a similar manner and for those we need these regulations.
You are responsible and liable for any breakages or damages, which you and/or those that accompany you, whether they are staying in the guest house or not, cause to the guest house, accommodation and its contents including the car park and associated parts.
We ask that you report any incidents as they occur. While we do not normally charge for minor accidental breakages we will charge and debit your card for the full cost of all other breakages, missing items and for the replacement and/or making good of any damage. We may also make a further charge of £50 if you did not report such an occurrence.
Additionally there will be a charge of £100 for soiled bedding, towels, carpets, furnishings and décor caused by, but not limited to, vomit, food and drink stains, blood and bed wetting. The guest house will also charge in full for any lost room nights resulting from any such damage and incidents mentioned in these conditions.
Excessive noise, unruly and threatening behaviour and the like which causes inconvenience and discomfort to our other guests and/or staff is not acceptable. Such behaviour will result in the offending person/s being asked to vacate their room and leave the guest house premises but will be charged for their booked stay.
Cot & Extra Bed
Cots are provided free and subject to availability please check this at the time of booking. An extra bed, for children aged up 12 years old is charged at £10.00 per night and i also subject to availability, please check at the time of booking.
Checking Out
The latest time for checking out is 11.30am on your day of departure unless agreed otherwise at the time of booking.
Privacy Policy
Personal Information We Collect
Apple Tree House Ltd,
Will not store the financial details of our customers
No personally identifable information is collected by us
We do not share information with any other person or organisation
We do not operate email campaigns

External Links
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Parking T & C’s

Apple Tree House Parking Terms and Conditions

If you need to amend or cancel your booking please call 01934 863989 Please check all booking details on receipt of confirmation. (ATH)cannot be held responsible if clients do not advise any amendments required. For cancellations please include your name, car details, and details of required changes.

Terms and Conditions

Apple Tree House (ATH)

This is a legal document and contains contractual provisions. Your Statutory Rights are not affected.

1. Bookings

1.1 Bookings through the (ATH)website are deemed to be made when validated on the website.

1.2 Bookings made by telephone are deemed to be made when confirmed by telesales operator.
1.3 Bookings made by post are deemed to be made when written confirmation is sent.

1.4 All services are subject to availability.
1.5 (ATH) reserve the right not to accept or fulfill a booking.
2. Payment

2.1 Payment for a booking made by telephone or on our website can only be made using MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club or Switch/Maestro. Also there is a £2 booking fee on every transaction (NON REFUNDABLE).

2.2 If payment by card is declined the service provider reserves the right not to fulfill your booking.

2.3 All prices are quoted in pounds Sterling including VAT.

2.4 When a booking is made using an overseas credit card the card issuer will debit your account in your local currency at the exchange rate applicable on the date of processing. A conversion charge may be applicable.

3. Cancellation

3.1 Parking at ATH is NON REFUNDABLE

3.2 For the purposes of this Conditions 3 the booked parking period shall be deemed to commence at one minute past midnight on the first day of the parking period.

4. Parking

4.1 (ATH)`s liability is as bailee to take reasonable care of the Customer’s vehicle for the period commencing when the keys to the vehicle are delivered to (ATH) (or, if later, the last time that the Customer returns to the vehicle) and terminating at the time when the keys to the vehicle are handed back to the Customer (or if earlier, when the Customer retakes possession of the vehicle) (“the Parking Period”). At all other times when the vehicle is on (ATH)premises and the vehicle shall be at the risk of the Customer.

4.2.1 (ATH)will accept liability in respect of any loss or theft of or from or misdelivery of or temporary failure to deliver or damage to your vehicle or its contents that may arise only where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved to be caused by their negligence, willful act or default or breach of statutory duty and only if the loss or damage is reported before the Vehicle is driven away from the premises by its owner, and you have your receipt from (ATH)as proof your car was parked with us.


4.3(ATH)will accept liability in respect of any damage to the paintwork or bodywork of the Customers vehicle only when and to the extent that the same is proved to be caused by the negligence, willful act or default or breach of statutory duty of (ATH) its servants or agents or the dishonesty of its servants or agents. Save that the Customer shall not be required to prove liability of (ATH)for such damage where the Customer has requested a Vehicle Inspection Report (as defined below) and the damage in question is not recorded upon the Vehicle Inspection Report.

4.4 (ATH)shall at the request of the Customer and upon payment of a fee of £10.00 undertake a joint visual inspection of the Customer’s vehicle and record any damage to the paintwork and/or bodywork prior to parking of the Customers vehicle (“Vehicle Inspection Report”).

4.5 (ATH) does not accept responsibility for any mechanical or electrical failure to vehicles whilst in its custody. Nor will the company accept responsibility for damaged or punctured tyres, only where it the same is proved to be caused by their negligence where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved by their negligence, willful default or breach of statutory duty

4.6 During the Parking Period (ATH) shall keep the vehicle at its premises or at one of its authorised parking sites. The Customer authorises (ATH) to drive the vehicle between parking sites.

4.7.1 Any Customer wishing to reclaim his vehicle prior to expiry of the agreed parking period will be liable to pay the parking fee for the whole of the agreed parking period.

4.7.2 (ATH)requires not less than 4 hours notice to make a vehicle available for collection prior to the day of expiry of the agreed parking period. (ATH) can accept no liability for any delay in making a Customer’s vehicle available prior to expiry of the agreed parking period.

4.8 Neither the Customer nor any other person shall have the right to remove the vehicle or any other personal items left therein prior to payment in full of the parking fee.

4.9 It is the duty of the Customer to ensure that the vehicle is in a proper roadworthy condition prior to leaving (ATH)s premises and entering on to public highway.

4.10 A Customer must produce the receipt provided by (ATH) when reclaiming the vehicle. In the event that a receipt is lost (ATH) shall be entitled to require proof of the Customers identity.

4.11 (ATH)shall not be obliged to release the vehicle to a third party without the written authority of the Customer.

5. Customer’s Liability

5.1.1 The Customer shall be liable for and indemnify (ATH)in respect of any death, personal injury or damage caused by the Customer or any person with the Customer whilst on (ATH)`s premises or in anyway arising from a breach of the warranty in paragraph 5.1.2 below.

5.1.2 The Customer warrants to (ATH) that at the commencement of the Parking Period, the Customer’s vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition has a current MOT certificate (if required by law) and that no dangerous toxic or illegal substances have been left within the vehicle.

6. Transport to and from Airport

6.1 Transport between (ATH)s premises and the airport on (ATH)s vehicles is (subject to these Conditions) included in the parking fee.

6.2 Transport between (ATH)`s premises and the airport leaves at regular intervals to coincide with flight arrivals and departure times. It is the Customer’s responsibility to arrive at (ATH)`s premises in good time (allowing for possible traffic congestion and other delays) to enable them to arrive at the airport by the airline’s recommended check in time.

6.3 (ATH) can accept no liability for transport delays caused by traffic congestion, vehicle breakdown or other causes beyond (ATH)s control.

6.4 Customers should not board a vehicle if they are unable to find a seat.

6.5 Children under the age of 8 may only travel if seated.

6.6 No animal may be carried without the prior agreement of (ATH).

6.7 All travel luggage must be kept with the persons travelling or in the luggage storage areas on the vehicle and must not be placed in the aisles or standing areas.

6.8 The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle. Any passenger whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations or whose conduct or condition is in the opinion of the driver a danger or potential danger to the vehicle or its passengers may be removed from the vehicle or prevented from boarding on the driver’s authority.

6.9 The Customer will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by the Customer or any person travelling with the Customer.

7. Exclusion of Liability

7.1 (ATH)does not accept any responsibility or liability (whether as bailee or otherwise) for any theft, loss or damage to:

7.1.1 any personal property or loose items left within the vehicle whilst on (ATH)`s premises (whether or not during the Parking Period):

7.1.2 for any personal property (including travelling luggage) of the Customer or any person travelling with the Customer either when on (ATH)`s premises or whilst travelling between (ATH)`s premises and the airport.

7.2 (ATH)does not accept any responsibility or liability (whether as bailee or otherwise) for any damage to the windscreen or any other glass in the vehicle.

7.3 (ATH)does not accept any responsibility or liability if you lose your return receipt and this is presented to the Company by a third party who uses it to fraudulently take delivery of your car. Your attention is drawn to this exclusion of liability in our notices at the Car Parks.

8. Complaints Procedure

8.1 Nothing in this procedure restricts the Customers right to pursue remedies through the Court.

8.2 (ATH) will acknowledge the Customer’s complaint in writing within 5 working days.

8.3 Subject to receiving the Customer’s co-operation in supplying any additional information which is required in relation to the complaint and (if required) the vehicle being made available for inspection (ATH) will deal promptly with the complaint.

8.4 A complaint will initially be dealt with by (ATH)`s Customer Services Department.

8.5 (ATH)`s Customer Services Officer (“CSO”) will endeavour to give a written decision in respect of the complaint within 30 days of receiving the same. This period may need to be extended in the event of any delay in the Customer supplying further information which is required or there being a delay in the vehicle being made available for inspection.

8.6 In the event of a complaint relating to alleged damage to a vehicle the Customer will make the vehicle available for inspection by (ATH) prior to any repairs being carried out thereto.

8.7 Any communication in relation to the complaint can be made by calling the Customer Service number 01934 863989 in writing addressed to the CSO at the administration address.

8.8 All telephone calls to (ATH) are charged at the rate agreed with your telephone service provider. Telephone calls may be monitored.

9. Miscellaneous

The paragraph headings do not form part of these conditions and shall not be taken into account in the construction or interpretation thereof.

10. Definitions

(a) The Company shall mean Apple Tree House whose registered premises are Vosper Lodge, Redhill , Bristol , BS40 5TG.

(b) ‘Vehicle’ shall mean the Vehicle which is received into the Car Parks, or received by a chauffeur and shall include a car, caravan, caravanette, dormobile, mobile home, transit van, truck, motorbicycle and other mechanical device on wheels or tracks, its equipment and accessories.

(c) the ‘Car Parks’ are the

11. Jurisdiction

The contract between (ATH) and the Customer and any person travelling with the Customer shall be governed by the law of England and Wales and these conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales . Customer Service Number 01934 863989.

Apple Tree House whose registered premises are Vosper Lodge, Redhill , Bristol , BS40 5TG. Y